2014 Payroll Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP

The U.S. Payroll Round 1 2014 Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP has released.  This will be available on the provided links below and also on the automatic server for you to install from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Below are the changes in this release:

·         Your new tax update date is 12/17/2013

·         FICA Social Security Limit set to $117,000

·         Federal 

·         California, Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico
New York, North Carolina, Yonkers

This is supported for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and 2013.  For your convenience, I have also included the documentation and the tx.cab file for the manual install.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013


*Round 2 will be targeted to release mid-January, so far there are only changes for Rhode Island.

Canadian Payroll

We are close, the targeted plan is as follows:

·         Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 English late today or tomorrow morning

·         Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 English Thursday

Translations on Friday or Monday.

*No table changes and no other module changes in this Canadian Payroll Year end update.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013