Microsoft Dynamics to release GP 2013 R2 & GP 2015 by the end of year

The Microsoft Dynamics roadmap indicates two major Dynamics GP releases in 2014.  Dynamics GP 2013 R2 will be released before June 2014 and  will focus on improvements to workflow and identity management functions. It will also introduce the product's first companion apps.

Between June and December 2014, Microsoft is scheduled to release Dynamics GP 2015.  GP 2015 is said to include second versions of workflow engine and of the upcoming identity management capabilities.  By July 2014 it is expected a GP 2015 development preview.

According to Microsoft sources the development team has adopted a six month release cycle to bring value to customers on a regular basis and is designed to enhance new business proposition and bring incremental value to [Business Ready Enhancement Plan] customers on a much more regular basis.