Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer Relationship Management is a way of managing interactions with current and future customers. Using technology to organize, automate and synchronize key sales, marketing, customer service and technical support functions allows you to provide your customers the service they have always dreamed of.

Premier Computing designs, implements and supports Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that are flexible and affordable for companies of all sizes and with specific needs. Whether you provide services to customers, constituents, donors or patients, a CRM solution drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business process; enabling closer relationships with your customers and helping you achieve new levels of profitability.


Sales Force Automation

Get your sales force quickly up to speed with the advanced but easy-to-use features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Take advantage of a highly intuitive interface and embedded Microsoft Office capabilities to boost sales productivity, streamline sales cycles, automate lead management, and gain insights to drive more sales.

Sales professionals who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM are able to:

  • Make the most of every customer interaction, whether it’s in person, over the phone, or via the web.
  • Build and utilize a consistent view of customer information, whether it’s stored in a local database or on a remote system.
  • Access customer history, current activity in addition to product, sales, and service information.
  • Build valuable insight into sales patterns and trends.
  • Access their data in the office or on the road.
  • Configure or modify data collection, views and reporting to meet their unique needs.

Customer Service

Transform your customer service into a strategic asset by developing a 360-degree view of the customer. Your agents can resolve issues quickly and reduce handling times with advanced customer service software. By automating processes, you can also reduce costs and help to ensure consistent customer service is delivered across all touch points.

Service Departments benefit from using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to:

  • Build customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Automate service processes and manage work more efficiently.
  • Integrate with existing technologies such as current telephony options.
  • Manage every aspect of customer service including cases, service levels, and facilities and resources.
  • Enable customers to help themselves 24×7 through the web.


With a CRM solution that is flexible, easy to use, and fits your business you can reduce marketing costs through focused and targeted marketing campaigns. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can transform every touch point into a marketing opportunity and harness the undiscovered potential within your customer base. In addition to these benefits, you gain actionable insight into your marketing campaigns, shorten sales cycles and streamline your marketing & sales processes.

Marketers who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM are able to:

  • Personalize email campaigns with the ability to track opened emails and click-through responses, and automatically take care of “unsubscribe” requests.
  • Clean and acquire customer data for use in future marketing campaigns.
  • Report on and analyze campaign performance.
  • Configure or modify data collection, views and reporting to meet unique needs.