Government offices usually deal with the dreaded ‘green-screen’ technology and although they got us through…the 80’s, they are no longer robust enough to handle the daily operations of strict Government regulated business. This out of date, unsupported, and risky technology can open the door for potential dangers, such as system hacks, miscommunication, and data errors.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP, on the other hand, can make fund and grant accounting a breeze…

  • Optimize your cash flow and enhance budgeting processes.
  • View budgets and encumbrances on-line and in real-time with automatic drill down capabilities.
  • Easily track fund or grant transactions for an enhanced and accurate audit trail.
  • Reduce time to produce financial reports, as all reports come from one source.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with enhanced security and transactional dimensions. 
  • Reduce transactional errors by setting up automatic transactional distributions.
  • Quickly enable users to pro-rate distributions using account Aliases.

There was a place for the green screen, but that place is no longer. It’s time to tap into a user-friendly, fully integrated, and robust accounting solution that ties up all the loose ends while creating real-time traceability.

Microsoft Dynamics GP: The PREMIER Choice for Government Entities

With 15 years of experience working with Government offices, Premier Computing is THE Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner to work with. As a Government entity, you know your financial and relationship management needs are unique. There is simply so much more to tracking budgets when funding is viewed by the public. Accountability is crucial to demonstrating the effective use of the Government’s money in order to secure future funding for important Government projects.

Don’t Let The Public Second Guess You Again! With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can enjoy…

  • Automated regulatory management and compliance
  • Daily expenditure monitoring
  • Timely reports
  • Reduced risk of overspending and overpromising using ‘actual’ versus ‘budget’ reports
  • Transaction and budget validation
  •  Proper fund allocation planning
  • Encumbrance management for budget analysis