Do green screens still invade your not-for-profit offices? Unfortunately, many organizations still deal with this out of date, unsupported, and risky technology, leaving them suspect to a number of potential dangers such as system hacks, miscommunication, and data errors.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP can make grant and fund accounting a breeze by making the following possible…

  • Optimize your cash flow and enhance budgeting processes.
  • View budgets and encumbrances on-line and in real-time with automatic drill down capabilities.
  • Easily track fund or grant transactions for an enhanced and accurate audit trail.
  • Reduce time to produce financial reports, as all reports come from one source.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with enhanced security and transactional dimensions. 
  • Reduce transactional errors by setting up automatic transactional distributions.
  • Quickly enable users to pro-rate distributions using account Aliases.

There was a place for the green screen, but that place is no longer. It’s time to tap into a user-friendly, fully integrated, and robust accounting solution that ties up all the loose ends.

Microsoft Dynamics GP: The PREMIER Choice for Not-for-Profit Organizations

With 15 years of experience in the Not-for-Profit arena, Premier Computing is THE Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner to work with. As a not-for-profit, you know your financial and relationship management needs are unique. There is simply so much more to tracking budgets when funding is based on grants, donations, memberships, and sponsorships. Furthermore; accountability is crucial to demonstrating the effective use of other people’s money which will ultimately secure future funding from your stakeholders.

Don’t Let Your Stakeholders Second Guess You Again! Check out the resources on this page and contact Premier Computing for more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Funny thing about Microsoft Dynamics GP…TIME IS MONEY!

We have a client who spent three entire weeks per month on collections management. Once we implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP, the process was automated so it took only 3 minutes to click the right button and voila…instant electronic communication, tracking, and completion!

Not-for-Profit Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP covers the crucial parts of business, including…

1.       Control Account Management

2.       Encumbrance Management

3.       Fund Management

4.       Grant Management