Value of the Annual User Conference

We value your opinion

Feedback helps Premier make improvements to our training events and services offered to you each year.  We host a User Conference each fall.  Would you take a few moments to let us know if the Conference is of value to you and your staff by completing our survey?  At the end you may list any changes or suggestions you would like us to implement. 

Thank you for your help!

Were you satisfied with the information you received at the conference?
Did adding an opening session and keynote speaker add any value to the conference?
How would you rate the quality of our breakout sessions?
Was the Conference a good value for the time and money spent?
Is the third week of September a good time to hold the conference for you and your staff?
How many days should the conference be?
How likely are you and your staff to attend the Conference in 2016?

Thank you for your participation.

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Please call or email Casey if you would like to discuss the survey further.