Articles & White Papers

Rushing ERP Selection increases the risk of an Unfavorable Outcome.

This article provides you insight on how and where to get started on the path to selecting the right business management software for your organization.

Is Microsoft Dynamics GP a better fit for your business?

A short white paper outlining why Microsoft Dynamics GP may be a better choice for your growing business.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Capabilities Guide

This whitepaper covers the product and functional capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Is Your Business Ready for ERP?

For many growing businesses, the functionality found within QuickBooks, Peachtree and Sage50 2013 becomes less and less useful. This whitepaper focuses on how small and mid-size businesses can utilize an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage their business and drive and sustain their growth.

Top Reasons to Purchase a Microsoft Business Solution

This white paper examines the reasons why you should consider moving from your current financial software solution to Microsoft Dynamics.

Outgrowing QuickBooks eBook

Every organization reaches the point where the tools that supported their initial growth hinders their ability to continue to grow. If your entry-level accounting software is holding you back, this guide will help you identify options for your business.

Adapt to Regulatory Requirements 

Whether it’s health care mandates or industry-specific financial reporting requirements, every business has to balance rock-solid systems that deliver compliance today with the flexibility to adapt as their regulatory responsibilities change.

 Business Process Improvement is within Reach 

Adjusting to new ways to interact with customers and applying technology to improve productivity is tumultuous. When you consistently manage your business processes with technology you can analyze results to continually improve operations.

 Cash is King, Get the Most out of Every Dollar 

Make every dollar work as hard as it can with simplified cash management from Dynamics GP.

Connect your People to the Information They Need

By connecting your people to the accounting or business management systems that deliver useful information to them allows everyone in your company to be as productive as possible.

Get Better, Not Bigger Dashboards

Accurate, timely data supports better decision making and allows you to get a complete view of your financials and overall performance.

Global Business on a Local Budget

Use best practices from leaders in your industry to maintain customer service levels that helps you compete with global businesses.

From Good to Great

This infographic outlines 10 ways you can take your business from being good to GREAT.

Grow your Business without Growing your Payroll

Unfortunately profits are not always commensurate with business growth. Dynamics GP provides you with a foundation to contain costs and increase profits.

Make Managing Your Finances a Breeze

Make the job of your finance department easier with Dynamics GP.

Put Your Data to Work

Too much data can lead to overload. Use a Dynamics GP to give your people access to the right information they need.

Simplify IT and Reduce Operating Expenses with Cloud Services

Your IT investment should be strategic and help you make decisions that will improve customer service and employee productivity.

Take the Burden out of Business Intelligence

Gain business insight without administration nightmares and provide your employees with reliable information and insight for all customer interactions.

Business Your Way - Infographic

A Dynamics ERP business solution gives you the flexibility and choice now and as your business change.

Boost Your Company's Financial Health - Infographic

Use Microsoft Dynamics ERP to do business on Your Terms - on-premise or in the Cloud.

Turning Business Data into Business Insight - Infographic

Business insight can transform your business. Learn how Microsoft Dynamics helps you put your data to work.

Top Reasons to go with a business solution from Microsoft

Whether you are outgrowing entry-level accounting software, rubber-banding a legacy solution, or simply tired of paying annual maintenance fees to a vendor that provides little to no value for your money—now is the time to take the next step and give your people the tools to propel your business.

Microsoft Dynamics can take your business from Good to Great - Infographic

10 ways in which Microsoft Dynamics can make a good business a great business.

Make Managing your Finances a Breeze

Give the people in your organization access to the data most relevant to their roles with Dynamics GP.

Put Your Data to Work

Data is created for every transaction and interaction. Did you know you can combine and analyze that data in Dynamics GP to improve your business results?

Cash is King

Make every dollar work as hard as it can by simplifying cash management with Dynamics GP.

Connect Your People to the Information They Need

With the right information employees can be just a  productive working in their home, the field or in the office.

Adapt to Regulatory Requirements

While regulatory requirements of each industry and geography are unique they all require change. Dynamics GP provides you with the tools to help you adapt to changing requirements.

Better, not Bigger Dashboards

A complete view of your financial picture and overall performance can make all the difference to a growing business. The built in business intelligence features of Dynamics GP provides you with the data you need to take action.

Grow Your Business, not Your Payroll

Grow your sales and contain your costs through using an ERP system from Microsoft Dynamics.

Global Business on a Local Budget

It's not as hard as you think to compete with global business when you apply best practices with Microsoft Dynamics.

Simplify IT and Reduce operating Expenses with Cloud Services

As your business evolves, take advantage of the latest development in IT that will help you improve customer service and employee productivity.

Take the Burden out of Business Intelligence (BI)

Gain business insight that can influence every customer interaction and decision made within your organization.

Improve Business Processes with Dynamics GP

When your business processes are consistently managed through your technology platform, you can analyze results to continually improve operations.

Business Intelligence on the Fly

When it comes to business insight and reporting, put the right information into your people’s hands, anytime they need it, wherever they need to work.

From Good to Great - Infographic

10 ways to help your business go from good to great with Dynamics GP.