The competition in manufacturing is fierce and you’re searching for a way to stand out. You might compare a manufacturing company to a triathlete. They’re not focused on one, specific event, but they train and compete in multiple areas. Those who are the strongest and most flexible in all three, take the top spots on the race podiums.

Similarly, manufacturing companies that are stronger and more flexible take the top spot.

When a triathlete races, any stretch of the event could be affected by various factors. The swim could be harder if it’s open water or there’s a strong wind. The run could be more difficult if there are greater elevation gains. The bike could be harder due to weather, elevation, or crashes and pileups. The strongest athletes adapt to these situations by making up for it in the other areas. They may push ahead in the swim, knowing the run will be challenging. Perhaps they’ll catch up on the bike after a difficult swim. This is how they’re flexible and they’ve trained for it.

Manufacturers compete in their markets, whether it’s high volume products or made-to-order, specialty items. There are a lot of pieces that go into each product, from the packaging and creating the kits, all the way to the final assembly.

A manufacturing company that is narrowly focused may excel at producing one specific product, but fall short for others. It may be good at the so-called swim, but crash and burn on the bike.
With the right trainer on board, your business can improve its strengths and become more flexible. That trainer is the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Here’s how your trainer, your ERP system, can put together a plan for your business to increase flexibility:

  1. It supports and enables your company’s growth and expansion
  2. It improves communications and collaboration for your teams
  3. It strengthens your connections with customers and suppliers
  4. It’s mobile-friendly and supports today’s always-connected workforce
  5. It’s secure and private to protect your valuable data
  6. It’s priced right for your business and number of users
  7. It’s usable with a clean interface
  8. It has a track record of success
  9. It provides strong customer support as well as business stability
  10. You can count on the ERP and its vendor to be there for you whenever you need it!

At Premier Computing, we provide several strong ERP products that can be your perfect trainer. With decades of experience, we’ve hooked up many companies with the best fit and watched them launch into new growth. Give us a call and we’ll get you started with training for victory today!