ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is a business process management software that helps you bring all of your business into one place. Imagine it as arms, reaching around your enterprise and enveloping your financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities in one. Every business has some form of finance and operational system in place, from spreadsheets to Quickbooks and many more. How well does that software reach beyond the financial numbers or drive your growth? As your business expands and needs change, does your software keep up?

The four benefits outlined below will help you understand what ERP can do for your business, but also, what you can expect from a good ERP solution today. Thanks to rapid, digital advancements with cloud software, ERP technology is better and better at giving your business the software foundation to take off!

Provide remote access via cloud deployment

New advancements in ERP solutions will put you ahead of your competition. A cloud deployment is one of them. Businesses of all sizes can find the right fit, thanks to the flexibility offered only through the cloud. Your system is customized to suit the size of your organization and your budget. In addition, the cloud provides you with remote access.

When you or your employees are away from your office, getting to data stored in spreadsheets or within a legacy ERP system is doable, but requires a lot of infrastructure setup to do it (such as hosting and providing a VPN for remote access to the business network).

With a cloud ERP, you have instantaneous access to your information, which provides value thanks to real-time analytics no matter your location. Plus, you’ll be able to better support a remote workforce.

No need to worry about security, either, as Cloud ERP offers encrypted, protected data through secure user access and activity tracking. It gives you the ability to gain control of who is accessing data.

Allows you to build on your solution, not just integrate

It’s 2019, and the pace of business is rapid. Digital disruption affects every industry. Enterprises that don’t have the agility to adapt and disrupt on their own will fall behind. An xRP platform can give your business this speed. One way to describe what it is comes from our partner, Acumatica: “[An xRP platform] provides the tools to re-imagine business applications from an interconnected world.”

You already know that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, so what does xRP mean? The x represents any company, industry, large enterprise, small business, local firm, or international corporation. Think of an xRP as a solution that includes the traditional ERP solutions (finance, distribution, accounting, and customer management), and adds a robust customization layer to it. Like icing on the birthday cake, you build on to your solution, not just integrate the software into your business!

An xRP platform is a rapid application development tool for creating solutions in the cloud that scale on demand, meeting your business needs exactly. Rather than developing a custom solution from the ground up, we use the existing framework maintained and enhanced by Acumatica. You can’t customize the core of your ERP like this with legacy software!

Through xRP development, we can provide our customers a modern, cloud-based ERP with a tailored solution they can afford. Are you ready to future-proof your business?

Supports unlimited user accounts

You don’t want to pay for what you don’t use. Subscription-based services can be expensive because you have to pay for all of your users. If everybody used every capability, then it might be worth the price. But what about buying access for casual users or vendors? No small business or large corporation gets excited about the cost of those additional licenses.

Instead, pay for the features and resources that you use, not the number of users accessing the system. Ditch traditional pricing (per user) and choose consumption-based licensing.

A consumption-based pricing model means you pay for the resources, rather than the users, with the flexibility to increase or decrease when needed. What transaction volumes will you expect and how much data storage will you need? We can work with you to understand your specific requirements. With an understanding of the resources and modules within the ERP solution that you’ll need, we can give you an accurate price!

Provide you a flexible deployment model

Our customers often implement public and private cloud-based ERP solutions, but we still work with others who request or require on-premise installations. The right ERP provides you the ability to choose the deployment model you need. Premier Computing has implemented hundreds of ERP systems and we have a proven track record of success. Our professional staff will guide your users through the implementation phases to achieve your goals. Choosing the right deployment model is part of that, whether you’re looking for a public cloud SaaS deployment, private cloud SaaS option, or on-premise licenses. Acumatica’s solution provides all three. We can get you started with a pure cloud model, a hosted cloud, or software installed on your internal servers with access through web browsers and mobile devices.

Not only does Acumatica support the preferred deployment model, but your business isn’t locked in to that initial choice. You can take your Acumatica source code and transfer it from on-premise to the cloud or vice versa. Can we help you decide where to start?

Start benefiting today from Cloud ERP

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