Coworking process, entrepreneur team working in creative officeCommunication and collaboration in the way you run your business is key to success. By integrating your business automation processes through Cloud ERP software, you can easily streamline all your business processes such as accounting, e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), distribution, sales, etc. You’ll have a unified platform accessible to all the key players within your organization.

More companies than ever before are realizing the benefits of business automation through Cloud ERP. According to statistics, the global Cloud application market was valued at 77.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. Statistics provided by Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, says nearly one-third of businesses surveyed say Cloud investments are a top priority within their organizations. The research noted the appeal to businesses of Cloud-based alternatives is greater flexibility and agility.

Businesses using Cloud computing are finding that many of their processes can be managed entirely online with less of their IT personnel tied up with tasks such as monitoring storage capacity, updating servers and managing licensing requirements. This results in more efficient use of time and resources and cost savings to companies.

With Cloud computing, you can have unlimited users utilizing the system. This means you’ll have faster and more efficient service in every aspect of your business. Your servers won’t be overloaded and jammed, slowing down production. Operating smoothly and efficiently on the Cloud can transform your business. Home-based and remote employees can easily access needed information through the Cloud 24/7.

Improved efficiency, accessibility and cost savings are a few of the obvious benefits of Cloud ERP business automation, but did you know that Cloud computing can also help if you decide to expand your business or even go global? There’s no need for a complicated process for setting up infrastructure for a new location when you’re on the Cloud. All locations can have access to the same information, files and data. This is especially important if you are expanding to a foreign market with complicated regulations and requirements.

Did you also know that the Cloud allows a business to reduce its carbon footprint? Research shows that some companies have reduced energy consumption 95% and reduced utility bills as much as 90%. Carbon emissions can be reduced by 30% or more per user by moving business processes to the Cloud. Sustainable technology through Cloud use allows companies to have a positive environmental impact while operating more efficiently.

You’ll also likely find your employees enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility with Cloud automation and ready access to company files and information any time of day from any location. If you have employees who need to be away for an extended period, out for personal reasons or taking vacation time, they can still collaborate with team members when necessary and perform work duties.

In fact, Cloud collaboration is so easy and efficient you may find an opportunity to allow some office-based employees to become remote employees. Did you know that 13.4 million Americans already work remotely? Many workers enjoy the freedom of working remotely, being able to incorporate family responsibilities within their workdays and still meet job demands. Remote workers can become more efficient by being able to collaborate anytime, anywhere with fellow team members working on the same projects.

With your business automation system on the Cloud, you can stop worrying about software upgrades and outdated systems. Cloud software systems are updated on a continuous basis with the latest IT technology and security systems. Your information is safe, secure and updated, and you don’t have to worry about making that happen — and more importantly, neither does your IT department.

Changing your business processes is a big decision and one that deserves time and research. If you’ve read this far, you’ve likely seen some aspects of Cloud computing that could benefit your organization. Being aware of all the benefits you’ll get through Cloud ERP software makes the decision a little easier to make. Why not take some time to discuss Cloud benefits with the key decision-makers within your organization?

Technology is constantly evolving, and you don’t want your business to be left behind. You must prepare for the future by enabling your business the ability to grow without being hampered by outdated business automation processes. If you already have an on-premises infrastructure you may think it will be too difficult to change to a Cloud ERP system, but it won’t be as difficult as being held back by an outdated infrastructure that no longer functions the way you need it to.

If you like the sound of the benefits of Cloud ERP software, we’d be glad to go over your business needs and customize a business automation solution for your organization. Premier Computing has been in business 66 years, and we have provided over 500 business automation implementations nationwide. Approximately 80% of our clients are in Utah and the remainder are in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Contact us for your free consultation.