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Taking Advantage of Native Business Intelligence Tools in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Experience shows that many CFO’s, Controllers and accountants don’t take advantage of the myriad of canned reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP. However, there are over 1,800 canned reports which include:
  • Excel Refreshable Reports
  • Management Reports
  • SmartList Designer Reports, and
  • Business Analyzer reports
These often go unused, as users don’t take the time to learn how to use...
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When It’s Time For A Change, Look At Your Business Management Solution

You may be planning big changes in your business, launching new product lines, expanding into new regions, or offering other value-added services to your customers.  As you plan for growth, be sure to plan changes to your business management solutions.  While your business can grow, your entry-level software can’t. Business growth is often a natural process...
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Connect Operations And Aim For Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement-focused practices can cut waste, streamline operations, and improve both productivity and profitability for manufacturers and distributors.  In this competitive marketplace, strategizing operations can make the difference between a successful operation or struggling alongside the competition.  Measure and monitor key metrics and use data to drive improvement with a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP)...
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