13422894 - businessman is reading a book on a cloudIf you are a small business owner who has been reluctant to embrace cloud technology up to this point, there is something important we want you to know – cloud technology is your friend. There is no need to be afraid of technology tools that can make your life easier and your business run more efficiently. Here are a three ways cloud technology can help your business grow.

  1. Improve collaboration: Employees who work remotely or those who travel for business often can collaborate freely with team members from the home office. Employees can connect to the cloud 24/7 anywhere they have a device with internet connection. Edits can be made to cloud-based documents in real-time and immediately visible to all team members. This improved team collaboration can be a life-save for time sensitive projects.
  2. Decrease IT expenses: Dealing with server issues, updating security, and coding problems are all IT expenses you can say goodbye to once your have moved your business processes to the cloud. Most IT functions are built-in to Cloud ERP systems. By freeing up your IT resources, you can focus attention on other company functions that need attention.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The cloud is a powerful tool for managing customer relationships. Cloud ERP technology provides seamless customer support with the ability to take, access, and track customer service requests. All requests from customers are linked to the individual customer file. With each customer service request automated, the workflow process smoothly proceeds from taking a request to notifying the service technician, completing the request, invoicing, and initiating follow-up. Seamless interaction occurs from one process to the next improving the overall customer experience.

Are you still unsure how all of this can help you? We are willing to set up a business analysis consultation with you to go over all your business processes and show you ways cloud technology can improve the way your business operates. We’ve implemented hundreds of these ERP systems and have a proven track record of success.

Premier Computing has been helping Utah companies with business automation solutions since 1952. We offer service to Utah companies and to companies nationwide. Our cloud ERP technology solutions can help your business grow. Contact us to set up your consultation. We are looking forward to helping you!