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Premier has implemented hundreds of ERP systems with a proven track record of success. We have developed, tested and refined our own proprietary implementation methodology which will minimize disruptions to your business and maximize effectiveness. Our professional staff will guide your users through the necessary implementation phases to achieve your goals.

Our portfolio of implementation services includes:

  • Business analysis
  • Gap/fit analysis
  • Proof-of-concept testing
  • Solution planning
  • Requirements definition
  • Business process optimization
  • Financial management policy and procedure definition
  • Software installation
  • Software setup and configuration
  • Data migration
  • User training
  • Report and inquiry development
  • Business Intelligence software selection, installation, integration and development
  • Software integration
  • Software customization
  • New application development
  • IT security and controls
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Regulatory compliance (SOX, PCI, HIPPA, etc.)

System Requirement Analysis (RA) and Documentation

RFP (Request for Proposal) Creation

Software Evaluation and Scoring

Advisory Service and Support of Contract and Condition

Project Management

Project Management (schedule, budget, resource management)

Solution and Fit & Gap Analysis

Implementation Planning and Implementation Support

System Maintenance Planning and Support Resource Management

Reviewing of current organizational structure and business rules

Supporting redesigning of Work assignment, Process Flow, and Administrative mechanism

Reengineering of Information System

Supporting BPR (Business Process Re-Engineering)

Supporting BPM (Business Process Management)

Implementation and Support on-site or remotely, whatever your company prefers

Our innovative technical team can help you deploy your software in the Cloud or on site, depending on your needs. We can deploy your Microsoft software in a hybrid cloud as well. Talk to our team and we will get you setup with the deployment that makes your data well protected.

Master Data & Open File Conversion

Data conversion is one of the major reasons for an ERP project missing its on-time objective. Planning and execution in this phase are critical. While data conversion involves many stages, the most essential of these is the planning phase. The individual responsible for the data conversion and strategy will need to be proactive and allocate time to educate the project manager, core team and steering committee of the issues and risks that will impact the project timeline. Take the time to plan and your organization will enjoy strong relationships with its stakeholders.


Customer satisfaction is directly linked to how well the solution is known. This is why Premier encourages our clients to prioritize optimal ERP training. Productivity is directly proportional to the proper ERP training. We offer flexible training options for our ERP products, so we can meet each client’s individual needs and budget.






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Key to the success of any ERP implementation is a committed, strong and experienced project manager who understands all of the critical tasks necessary to achieve your budgetary and time-constraint goals.

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[service_box title=”Business Anaylsis ” icon=”icon1″ icon_link=”http://www.premiercomputing.com/services/consulting/business-analysis/” text=”

We will work with your team to do a full analysis and assessment of your current business processes, identify specific requirements and any gaps….



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Premier has implemented hundreds of ERP systems with a proven track record of success. We have developed, tested and refined our own proprietary implementation methodology which will minimize disruptions to your business…

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