Your business depends on good data. How much do you trust it? These interesting facts might give you an idea of what we also hear from clients and partners.

  • 23% of executives continue to use spreadsheets as their primary means for data work, according to a 2017 Forbes Insight study.
  • From that same study, only 42% said they were confident in the quality of their data.
  • The majority (88%) of spreadsheets contain errors, according to a study by Raymond Panko with the University of Hawai’i.
  • 63% of those in the Forbes study said they use data and analytics to fund business growth and 60% use it to drive long-term strategic planning.

These numbers tell us this clear story: we don’t trust our data, but we depend on it for planning and growth!

Businesses with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are able to respond quickly in decision-making situations because they have data they trust and depend on. Cloud ERP solutions, particularly, provide businesses with strong data and flexibility. Here are our top five reasons why your business can thrive with a Cloud ERP solution and how it can improve your legacy ERP solutions or replace outdated, decentralized systems of spreadsheets and disparate software:

  1. Increases productivity. The bottom line: will you get a return on this investment? With Cloud ERP, it’s a resounding yes! We help you make the implementation smooth and quick, getting you up and running with little downtime. Once your information is stored and accessible in the cloud, your teams will all be working with the most current figures whether they’re handling payroll, updating inventory or managing contracts. You’ll no longer worry about data errors from multiple-manual entry points or copying and pasting. This will give time back to your valuable employees and provide them with an exceptional user experience.
  2. Supports working from anywhere. Most businesses today support remote work in some form, whether it’s sales reps working while traveling, employees working from home or those working from remote locations such as dispersed warehouses or onsite with clients and vendors. Give your team the ability to access necessary information whenever and wherever they need it by simply connecting to the internet.
  3. Budget friendly. No matter the size of your business, the cost always matters. This is one of the biggest selling points for Cloud ERP. Your implementation won’t require hardware purchases nor the employee hours to maintain and keep the equipment up and running. Time and again our customers tell us how happy they are working with us. We deliver on our promises. Our customer satisfaction is consistently high, thanks to our incredible support staff.
  4. Security you can count on. Cybersecurity matters for businesses and individuals today, more than ever before. Cloud ERP provides top-notch security and data backup so you can rest easy knowing your most valuable asset is safe. Also, you won’t be worrying about losing data that was only stored locally if an employee leaves or a device is stolen.
  5. Flexibility for growth. Does your business fluctuate throughout the year? Are you experiencing high growth? Are you restructuring for a lean season? Cloud ERP scales up or down with ease to support exactly what you need.

Trust your data. Depend on it. It is your most valuable business asset. When we implement a Cloud ERP platform with you, you’ll come away with the solution you need to run your business from payroll to finance, distribution to sales. Call us today to find out why our customers are always satisfied!