City and hands using tablet with sun lightAnyone who thinks operating a non-profit is an easy task has never dealt with the complexities involved. The focus of a non-profit is to drive funds to its cause. Not everyone is automatically willing to give to a charitable organization just because they are asked to do so. Complex fund-raising strategies are necessary to help the organization meet its donation goals.

If you operate a non-profit, you know all too well about these unique challenges. Perhaps you are searching for new solutions to help your non-profit meet its goals. Did you know that you can make your non-profit business operate more efficiently with cloud technology?

Here are a few ways you can improve your non-profit operation with Cloud ERP software:

  • Improve the budgeting process and increase your operating cash flow

  • Gain access to budgeting software with allows you to view budgets online and in real-time to make any necessary adjustments

  • Improved transparency that is required in operating a non-profit.

  • Track funding and grant transactions for improved accountability and an accurate audit trail.
  • Enjoy the enhanced security provided by operating on the cloud.

  • Set up automated transactions and distributions which reduces bookkeeping errors.
  • Users have the ability to pro-rate distributions with an account alias.

These are just some of the many advantages of Cloud ERP software for your non-profit. Premier Computing has over 15 years of experience helping non-profit organizations reach their maximum potential. Through our partnership with Microsoft Dynamics and Acumantica, we have brought the best of both systems together to transform your non-profit through cloud technology. Other people trust you with their money. We offer Cloud ERP software with accountability features built-in so you’ll be to assure your stakeholders of secure transactions and build and cultivate those relationships.

Set up your consultation and let us help transform the operations of your non-profit. We’ll find what works best for your organization. Implementation is fast and easy. We’re here to help your organization grow!