Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a method of business automation, integrating processes into one database to manage the everyday functions of running a business. Such processes include accounting, technology, human resources, sales, customer service and more. ERP implementation can be beneficial to small and large businesses alike, streamlining functions and finding ways to operate more efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Premier Computing has a rich history of servicing businesses with automation needs and ERP services to customers of all industries across the country.

Our benefits

Premier Computing provides products and services that are designed specifically for your company’s business integration needs. We customize and tailor products to meet your specific to your business. Some of the benefits our cloud ERP solutions offer your company include:

  • One license with unlimited user capability
  • Up to 10 companies on one license
  • Multi-currency, multi-city, 2017 software capability
  • Simple, flexible and accessible software that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.
  • Service and support by a team of seasoned professionals.
Industry specific solutions
We have industry-specific cloud ERP solutions for industries including:
Distribution: Distribution software can streamline your pick, pack and ship cycle while helping to reduce inventory costs. ERP software automates your distribution process, helping you to fill orders quickly and manage inventory more efficiently. It provides you with timely and accurate order information to provide to your customers. Purchasing, inventory and sales processing functions allow efficient management of distribution system for industries such as consumer goods, cosmetics, personal care, industrial products, promotional items, electrical, beverages, nutritional supplements and more.
Health Services: Premier Computing offers software technology solutions for medical administrators to operate more efficiently and streamline healthcare information systems, eliminating unnecessary duplication of records and lowering operating costs. Administrators obtain real-time data regarding finances and patient statistics. By using an integrated ERP system, physicians, nurses and administrators can work as a team. Our advanced healthcare software can help with the exchange of financial/medical information, budgeting, inventory, purchasing, regulatory requirements, record retention, human resource management and more. Health service software is ideal for hospitals, clinics, emergency care, private practice and university/research facilities.
Government: Premier Computing has experience working with government agencies and providing cloud-based solutions for cash flow and budgeting processes, fund/grant transactions, financial reporting, automatic transactional distributions and all accounting functions. We have 15 years of experience working with government offices are the Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica Partner. We help with tracking budgets and providing accountability which is crucial to secure funding for important government projects.
Non-Profit: Premier Computing has been working with non-profit organizations for over 15 years and knows the unique needs and challenges of a not-for-profit organization. Our ERP solutions help with tracking budgets for grants, donations, memberships and sponsorships. ERP software also helps with accountability when transparency is needed in how other people’s money is handled. ERP software helps non-profits with cash flow, budgeting, fund tracking, grant transactions, keeping accurate financials to prepare for audits, financial reporting, pro-rating distributions, reducing transactional errors, collections management and more.
Financial Services: The financial services industry is under increased regulatory scrutiny. Premier Computing offers financial services industries solutions to help with the increased regulation requirements. Our ERP software helps financial institutions automate and streamline processes reducing costs and improving efficiency. We help you keep financial data secure and provide ERP and financial software to help with analytical accounting, audit trails, bank reconciliation, cash flow, collections management, customer/vendor consolidations, bank reconciliation, electronic funds transfer for payable and receivables management, fixed asset management, general ledger, grant management, intercompany accounting, lockbox processing, multi-currency management, payables and receivables management, refund checks, revenue/expense deferrals, safe pay and more.
Our history
Premier Computing, Inc., has been the premier equipment, process, service and business automation provider for Utah companies since 1952. We were initially established in 1952 as All Makes Typewriter Company, providing and servicing business equipment. In the 1980s we expanded to include calculators, computers, printers, software and networking solutions to improve business automation for the changing needs of the business community.
We changed our name to Premier Computing, Inc., in the 1990s operating under DBA Premier Computing Technologies, Inc., and added additional hardware, software and networking products and services. In 1997 we became a Microsoft Gold Partner selling Microsoft networking, office development and ERP Products and Services. Today, our principal office is in South Jordan, Utah, where we focus on providing advanced automation solutions and services nationwide.
How we can help you

We know that every business is different and ERP solutions are not “one size fits all.” Whether you need to build an ERP implementation for your business from the ground up or enhance your existing business applications, we have a solution for you. Premier Computing has been providing business automation solutions for over 60 years. We’ve performed over 500 ERP implementations for companies nationwide. We can customize an ERP solution tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. Contact us to get a free consultation and find a customized cloud ERP solution for your organization.